EXHIBITION - Anish Kapoor at Le Grand Palais

is an exhibit happening once a year at the Grand Palais. Every year one artist is invited to create one unique grand piece. Following Anselm Kiefer, Richard Serra, and Christian Boltanski, for its fourth year Monumenta brings us Anish Kapoor. The British artist of Indian origin has conceived a colossal inflatable structure that weighs 12 tons. It can receive 271 people at a time.

The piece, named "Leviathan", is inspired by the biblical marine monster of the same name. It's 13,500 square metres specially produced by Kapoor for the Nave of the Grand Palais prove more than ever his mastery of monumental work in contemporary sculpture, making litterally spectacular and explorable volumes.

Anish Kapoor has dedicated Leviathan to Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.