PRODUCT DESIGN - Katie Thompson

                       -- Trash & Treasure --

 South African interior designer Katie Thompson makes junk awesome with Recreate.

 What do you do? --> Create repurposed forniture and lighting under the brand Recreate

Described your style --> Recreate pieces don't fall under a specific design style - the junk item they originate from usually dictates the style the end products will be, wich can be anything from shabby chic to ultra modern.

Where does all your junk come from? --> Garage cleaners and suctions. Also costumers bringing us their own sentimental junk to be costum-made and reproposed.

Can you recall the first piece of forniture you made? --> Yes, I "decorated" an old chair in art class at school while all the other kids were painting pictures.

 Have you have to learn new skills along the way to make the pieces? --> Absolutely. I learn something new almost every day!

What kind of junk stuff are you most attracted to? --> I have a suitecase fetish!